Pink Honor Roll

2015 Hunt Valley Pink Honor Roll


Name Team Name Total Dollars Fundraised
Sandra Farrell Team Pink-a-Polooza $10,460.00
Linda Burgess Tee’s Tickled Pink Parade $5,125.00
Katie Timme Tee’s Tickled Pink Parade $5,108.00
Adrian Goodman Pirates In Pink $4,980.09
Chad Strzegowski Jogging For Jude $4,000.00
Reese Davanzo SSJ/CaringOn $3,794.00
Gabriella Polsinelli Life is a Cure $3,736.00
Lenore Koors LUCKY TO BE ALIVE $3,731.00
Michelle Thorfinnsson TNT Dancers Tapping for a Cure $3,565.00
Cindy Vollmer Cindy’s Cheerleaders $3,200.00
David Marshall $3,163.00
Karen Laster Angelcat813-MOM $3,139.00
Terri Buser  Contractors For The Cure $3,125.00
Ed Kenny   Garrison Forest Families and Friends $2,956.00
Debby Langbaum $2,930.00
Valencia McClure Pink Busters  $2,648.00
Wendy Rizzo Wendy’s Warriors  $2,410.00
Debi Adkins $2,317.00
April Shope April’s Pink Fighters $2,261.00
Deborah Wells-Wright $2,219.00
Ella Hamilton LKM-Iota Chapter $2,093.00
Cara Hierholzer Jogging For Jude $2,000.00
Kelly Regan Because We Care $1,778.00
Faith Mauro-Huse Faith’s Fighters $1,736.00
Julie Smith Cianbro $1,712.00
Rita Amrhein $1,685.00
Kathleen Curtis Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel $1,718.00
Itetha Barnes $1,655.00
Kristine Hilbert Garrison Forest Families and Friends $1,543.00
Valerie Makris $1,508.00
Sharhonda Gee  CUFFS 4 A CURE $1,500.00
Sandy Hamilton  $1,490.00
Terri Poleski  Pirates In Pink $1,473.00
Nancy Swierk Kimpossibles  $1,455.00
Patricia Lee  $1,435.00
Ann Jewer  Nana’s Troupers $1,366.00
Connie Markley Pirates In Pink $1,358.25
Lisa Scott- Dzwonczyk Pirates In Pink $1,350.00
Wayne Burke  The Burke Team $1,345.00
Linda Sears Baltimore County Fire Dept. $1,341.00
Joy Schaefer Pirates In Pink  $1,331.00
Karen Casey Pirates In Pink $1,288.00
Nora Fitts Pink Perky Puppies $1,285.00
Elizabeth Lotz Team Wasson $1,265.00
Yolanda Dockery Team DHR $1,259.00
Joanne Williams Pirates In Pink $1,258.25
Lara Diamond   BRCAttack $1,252.00
Kathleen Stamp $1,251.00
Donna Klockeman Energy For The Cure $1,250.00
Tommy Mast Team in MOtion $1,205.00
Jacquelyn DeBella Pirates of the Chesapeake $1,175.00
Treshonda Chatmon Corrections $1,155.00
Ann Hendrix $1,148.35
Barbara Ganzermiller Coca Cola Warriors $1,127.00
Laura Beutler Calvert Solutions for the Cure $1,105.00
John Scott Prometric Race for the Cure Team $1,100.00
Jeff Magness Friends Helping Friends $1,097.00
Nona Wagner-Babischkin Tanner for Tatas $1,073.00
Lynn Baklor Lynn’s Breast Friends $1,008.00
Diane Johnson Garrison Forest School Alumnae $1,000.00
Melissa Reuland $1,000.00