Team Fundraising

Race for the Cure-Adina-237The registration fee gets you to the Start Line, but your hard work fundraising is what energizes science to find the cures!

We promise, asking friends and family to support you and the cause that you care about isn’t as scary as you might think.

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Where to start?

Utilize your networks! Are you on social media? That’s a great place to start. Share posts about why you are so committed to Komen Maryland and the fight against breast cancer and ask your friends and family for their support. To make it as seamless a process as possible, make sure to include the link to your fundraising page right in the post!

Not on social media? Not a problem! Email is still the number one way that our Race fundraisers rally support from friends and family. The important thing is to make sure that you are sharing why breast cancer is a cause that you feel passionate about.

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2015 Fundraising Category Winners:

Category Team Name Team Captain Amount Fundraised
Family/Social Pirates in Pink Terri Poleski $16,334.09
First Time Team Tee’s Tickled Pink Parade Katie Timme $10,903.00
Gyms/Fitness Clubs Miss FIT Shelley Sharkey $2,965.00
Schools Garrison Forest Families and Friends Jennifer Grossman $9,265.00
Workplaces with 499- Employees BA Products Sandra Slouck $10,100.00
Workplaces with 500+ Employees Prometric Race for the Cure Team Joanne Scott $20,465.29


Stay tuned for a list and pictures of this year’s fundraising rewards!